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Issues of interest to remote, work from anywhere, or traveling workers

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How to end the Feast and Famine cycle as a freelancer.

Are you tired of the rollercoaster ride that comes with freelancing? One month, you’re drowning in projects and struggling to meet deadlines. The next, you’re desperately searching for new clients to fill your sales pipeline. It’s a feast or famine cycle that can leave even the most experienced freelancer feeling frustrated and uncertain about their…

When are you getting a real job?

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and for many solopreneurs, an annual round of “Whack-the-Freelancer.”  This “fun” activity takes many forms, depending on the unique psychological makeup of your relatives, but it’s a yearly reminder that quitting your job doesn’t just affect your paycheck and benefits, it can change relationships. So, suit up in advance for the most popular versions…

The Unsynced Life of the Digital Nomad

“Your time can be too much your own”, writes Oliver Burkeman in his book, Four Thousand Weeks. While this challenges the allure of freelancing, it does raise the question of what it costs to live within a personalized time construct.   But isn’t the digital nomad lifestyle Paradise Found? The vision of a serene, formerly full-time professional set free by a laptop to work on their own terms…

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