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How to end the Feast and Famine cycle as a freelancer.

Are you tired of the rollercoaster ride that comes with freelancing? One month, you’re drowning in projects and struggling to meet deadlines. The next, you’re desperately searching for new clients to fill your sales pipeline. It’s a feast or famine cycle that can leave even the most experienced freelancer feeling frustrated and uncertain about their…

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Why Do Freelancers Need a Sales Pipeline?

In today’s competitive business landscape, freelancers must have a clear and organized sales pipeline to thrive. This article will explore the importance of a sales pipeline for freelancers and how the Teamwrkr platform can help streamline this process. Whether new to freelancing or looking to optimize your sales performance, read on to discover the benefits…

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Snack-sized Planning for 2022

Does the thought of committing your business goals to paper instill terror or “spark joy”? Would it help if you knew you didn’t need to go all hard-core, deep-dive, minutiae-obsessed in your 2022 freelance planning in order to start the year with a game plan?

When are you getting a real job?

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and for many solopreneurs, an annual round of “Whack-the-Freelancer.”  This “fun” activity takes many forms, depending on the unique psychological makeup of your relatives, but it’s a yearly reminder that quitting your job doesn’t just affect your paycheck and benefits, it can change relationships. So, suit up in advance for the most popular versions…

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Who is Your Freelance Mentor?

A freelance mentor is like an any other – a trusted advisor, well-versed in areas you are not, and willing to share their smarts. The right one will have travelled a path like yours or some key aspect of it, ideally as an independent or a founder themselves. They will get the idiosyncrasies of your…

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Riding the Income Rollercoaster

Do rollercoaster rides exhilarate you or leave your head spinning and stomach churning? Does that first dip of the ride make you ask, “What the hell was I thinking?” or “Let’s go again!”? Not everyone rides the peaks and valleys with the same zeal. And for many freelancers, the income volatility of the work can feel like…

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