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Embracing Failure with Stephanie Cansian

In this episode of Teamwrkr Talks, Stephanie talks with Phil about why freelancers shouldn’t fear failure – but rather embrace it.

arcui uosara teamwrkr talks

Divergent Collective with Arcui Usoara

In this episode of Teamwrkr Talks, Phil and Arcui discuss how entrepreneurs can create lasting relationships with their audience while being themselves.

taking action on mental health

Teamwrkrs Taking Action on Mental Health

We asked our community what actions they are taking to support their mental health. Here they shared their tools and personal struggles.

katie edwards teamwrkr talks

Impostor Syndrome with Katie Edwards

In this episode of Teamwrkr Talks, Phil and Katie talk funky designs, quirky clients, and impostor syndrome.

Freelance Journey with Amanda Scheldt

In the second episode of Teamwrkr Talks, Phil and Amber Rhodes discuss mental health as a freelancer.

key to 2022 success

Key to 2022 Success is Finishing 2021 Strong

Five tips to end the year on a high note and prepare for 2022 planning.

teamwrkr talks mental health amber rhodes

Mental Health with Amber Rhodes

In the second episode of Teamwrkr Talks, Phil and Amber Rhodes discuss mental health as a freelancer.

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Snack-sized Planning for 2022

Does the thought of committing your business goals to paper instill terror or “spark joy”? Would it help if you knew you didn’t need to go all hard-core, deep-dive, minutiae-obsessed in your 2022 freelance planning in order to start the year with a game plan?

When are you getting a real job?

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season and for...

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Who is Your Freelance Mentor?

A freelance mentor is like an any other – a...

red roller coaster

Riding the Income Rollercoaster

Do rollercoaster rides exhilarate you or leave your head spinning...

hunter boyd

Freelance Finances with Hunter Boyd

In the inaugural episode of Teamwrkr Talks, Phil talks with Hunter Boyd of Solopreneur Financial.

The Unsynced Life of the Digital Nomad

“Your time can be too much your own”, writes Oliver Burkeman...

Taming the Freelance Monsters Within

Freelancer burnout happens. And the demons that fuel it differ...

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Missing Those Annual Pay Reviews?

Remember corporate pay reviews? Your boss gushes about your performance...


Gig Workers and Freelancers: Have you Found a Golden Ticket?

Remember Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Room? An entire world made of edible...


What are your relationship goals?

Freelancers: it’s a seller’s market! With a not-so-subtle power shift...


Freelancing with a Futurist’s Vision

If you are an independent worker, you know you need...

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