How to end the Feast and Famine cycle as a freelancer.

Are you tired of the rollercoaster ride that comes with freelancing? One month, you’re drowning in projects and struggling to meet deadlines. The next, you’re desperately searching for new clients to fill your sales pipeline.

It’s a feast or famine cycle that can leave even the most experienced freelancer feeling frustrated and uncertain about their future and leaving you to wonder if there isn’t a better, more efficient way to get the job done.

Ever felt that the existing CRM tools weren’t quite… “you”?

Here’s why so many CRM platforms out there do not fit the freelancer mold:
❌ Most of them aren’t “purpose-built” for freelancers, they’re designed for companies.
❌ They have so many features that you just don’t need.
❌ While you can access some of their basic features for a lower fee, getting the ones you need will cost you.
❌ While large corporations might not blink an eye at pricey monthly CRM fees, but for you as a freelancer every dollar counts.
❌ Building personal relationships with clients is crucial and many of these systems are more transactional  making it hard to maintain that personal touch.
❌ Freelancing is fluid your projects come and go, and your client needs change rapidly so your platform needs to adapt with you but most of the platforms out there are too rigid and lack flexibility.

We are building our CRM system with one aim in mind: to ease the administrative burden from freelancers and solo-preneurs and offer an alternative that is specifically designed for YOU.

Your freelancing journey should be more than finishing projects and hunting for the next gig, it should also be about building lasting relationships with the right people that need your services. We’re committed to becoming the ULTIMATE BUSINESS PARTNER for freelancers, so you can focus on what you do best – your craft.

We are not just another ‘software’ or ‘tool’  we are bringing a revolution in the freelance industry.

Get ready to experience a fresh take on freelancing – one that empowers you to build, grow, and sustain meaningful relationships with your clients.

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You would LOVE our community because-
#1 Got a question? Facing a challenge? Want to share a win? – we’re here for you!
#2 We are REALLY FUN to hang out with – our networking sessions allow you to connect with like-minded freelancers, potential collaborators, and even future clients.
#3 Our community is made up of freelancers from all over the world with 340+ active members and counting!

We hope to see you there 👋

PS. We would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions on: What’s missing in your current CRM setup? How can we make our system so that your life is less about chasing projects and more about genuine connections?

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