Freelance Journey with Amanda Scheldt

S1:E3 – Amanda Scheldt

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The Glam Techie


Show Notes

Masters Degree Cybersecurity

Topics Covered

Origin of the “Glam Techie’s” technology fascination (1:50)

Decision to pursue a career in technology (3:28)

Master’s degree in cybersecurity (3:38)

Knack for discussing cybersecurity from a human perspective (4:30)

Makeup as a long-time hobby (5:16)

Graduated MSc in cybersecurity and started blog in 2019 (6:20)

The “Glam Techie” is born (7:30)

Choosing to specialize or combine interests (8:17)

Combining passions with earning a living (10:50)

Car passion (13:20)

Freelance journey (14:45)

Finding freelance work (18:10)

Advice on taking the leap into freelancing (24:22)

Mentors and Mentees (29:00)

Personal and business growth as a freelancer (34:40)

Online marketplaces (Fiverr, Upwork) (36:10)

Finding job leads elsewhere (e.g. Reddit) (42:00)

Time allocation for freelancers (chasing work vs. working) (43:05)

Going alcohol-free (49:00)

General advice for freelancers (59:18)

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