Key to 2022 Success is Finishing 2021 Strong

Key to 2022 Success is Finishing 2021 Strong

Yikes! It’s already December and while it’s a bit early to declare resolutions for 2022, there is still time to finish 2021 strong. Teamwrkr has a few thoughts on how to end the year on a high note, secure victory from all your hard work in 2021, and can start the new year with a positive mindset.

1. Take stock. This is a great time to ask yourself the important questions that will help you stay true to your freelance mission: Which projects were most satisfying? Did your work choices align with your lifestyle vision? Did they support your personal and professional growth? Reviewing past decisions enables better planning for next year. It’s inevitable that your vision, purpose, and goals will evolve so make your analysis deliberate, purposeful, and timely.

2. Record achievements. While taking stock offers helpful analysis, it is equally important to celebrate your efforts this year. There was a win in everything you did even if it was clarifying what you don’t want. That discovery alone is worth celebrating. List the projects you worked on, your contribution and the end results. Conduct your own performance review. What are you most proud of this year? Keep this list of wins handy when courting new clients or asking for a fee increase as those triumphs can really build confidence.

3. Get that one pesky thing done. Which item on your to-do list never seems to get done? It’s always near the bottom of your list but somehow is consistently neglected. Give yourself the holiday gift of crossing it off before January. It’s likely your relief will far outweigh the size of the task, so it is worth the time.

4. Declutter: And we don’t just mean the visual clutter on your desk, bookshelves, and inbox. Mental clutter (often disguised as confusion and feeling overwhelmed) consumes way too much valuable emotional bandwidth. It’s time to finally have those important conversations: Is there something you’ve been carrying around with you and not saying? If you’ve been having a repeated conversation in your head with someone, get it out. Promise yourself to broach the tough topics before the year end and then act. It will free you to move forward. Don’t let fear of an unpleasant response rob you of your peace of mind.

5. Express that gratitude. Don’t just write it in your journal or app. Go tell them! We all get help along the way. Let that friend, relative, or mentor know they made a difference. It doesn’t just help others feel good when you remember them, it also will bring you peace and contentment which is fertile soil for planting your 2022 success seeds. Extend this to your clients, too. Send them a holiday greeting and a “Thank You.” Good clients are hard to come by as a freelancer, so it’s important not to take yours for granted.

With all of these items ticked off your to-do list, you can head into the holiday season knowing that you’ve done everything you can to ensure you have a smooth and productive transition into the new year.

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