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S1:E1 - Hunter Boyd


Show Notes

Roth IRAs
Read this: The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Topics Covered

(01:15) Hunter’s family business, Apple orchards
(4:23) Getting involved in financial advisory services instead of growing apples
(6:45) Meeting his mentor and holistic financial planning, exit planning, and harvesting wealth
(8:40) His “Why”
(10:12) Freelancer or Solopreneur and the differences in planning
(13:25) Enterprise value and what it means, the future of mergers and acquisitions
(17:25) Financial planning for freelancers and solopreneurs
(23:30) Practical financial planning for freelancers and solopreneurs, Roth IRAs, SEP accounts, and 401(k), factoring in your business and its risk into your planning
(28:09) Crypto investing and risk as a freelancer/solopreneur
(29:10) Freelances and boring investment portfolios, your risk profile
(31:05) Opportunities going forward, balancing risk/reward
(33:35) Selling your freelance or solopreneur business, planning for the sale and the tax consequences “mo money mo problems”
(36:30) How does a freelancer or solopreneur pick a financial advisor? (No asset minimums specialize, not selling you anything – subscription model)
(43:00) Core values: Transparency, get financially naked.
(48:40) Experiences vs. tangible items and the freelancer lifestyle. A meeting with a couple that made the transition.
(51:40) Planning based on your goals, the minimalistic lifestyle, flexibility
(54:50) Trends short term
(58:02) Books to read
(1:00:08) Best practices: Work on your business, not in your business
(1:01:10) Netflix recommends

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